Ibadan Rains – Again!

RainHelp o! This Ibadan rain don start again o! I hope say houses no go get flooded now? I remember 2010 and I cringe with fear. Na year wey Ibadan people no go ever forget. Abi how you wan forget am if na you be that man wey hin new KIA RIO follow water swim away? You think say I dey lie? Oya come Ibadan make you come hear plenty tori!

To be honest with you; had I not read in the bible about God’s promise never to wipe off the earth again with water ni, I would have concluded that this rain is about wiping us away.

I woke to the rain at about 4am today and right now d tin never subside. I wonder how I go make am reash house today if any of the bridges linking Oluyole, Elebu or Rhema gives way. Choi! My car o! I still dey manage the thing jeje! At least my Chichi never complain.

Days like this make me ask myself why I bought a car L. The office is soooo scanty eh! I tried calling a couple of colleagues to ask why they were not at work and all claimed ‘the-rain’. Chai! I no say na lie! At least two of them sounded groggy of phone – evidence of sleep. Shebi if you are waiting for the rain to subside, you go sidon for parlor dey watch TV. Msheeeew! Lazy people! I hope say I no be evil pikin sha with the way wey I dey wish say make everyone dey waka inside rain come work?

Even we wey dey work sef, na soso yawn we dey yawn. Work no too dey body. To rub salt on our injury, the canteen food got stuck in the rains and now we will go hungry. Chei! And my mind tell me say make I bring garri come work o! I dey form big boy! Big boy don enter ‘am’ now!

I wan search every part of my body for illness, I dey find excuse to go sleep for clinic. Hopefully that winch; Nurse Damola no go dey her ‘winchy’ mood today and chase me out of the clinic.  I don find one J. My neck don dey pain me small-small. I wan twist am more before I enter the clinic. If not, Damola go send me back.

Looking around, I see a lot of people looking like say dem dey zombie-land. Everything is sooo slow and dreary. I know say someone dey somewhere now wey dey yawn like me and ask himself say why e go work.

Well if you are there, you should know that you are not alone. We plenty wey dis dey worry. At least if na how to get home dey worry you, mine na how to drive home. Everything na still 50-50.

Wait first; I hear say canteen food don arrive – make I go chop! See ya, Kash ya; larra!


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