I am sure Ayo, my new friend would ‘kill’ me for doing this but I really have to. I am very bitter about what happened but I guess it was not meant to be. We, I guess, were subjects of the whims of someone unknown.

A few weeks back Ayo and I entered for a competition by the British Council for writers. A competition meant to make one look deeper at his surrounding and come up with something positive. The criteria was for a photographer and a creative writer to pair up, take a picture about their immediate community and write 200 words about the picture. A write-up that would blend with the picture and wake-up sleeping giants to do something positive.

I was never a fan of competitions. I have always had the belief that they are never for real. For me, competitions are only for people who had nothing to do, because people who set up the competition already know who they would pick. The above was my opinion sha; no harm meant.

I would never have put in for it but for my babe who convinced me to go ahead and prove my worth. She linked me up with this really nice and cool dude, called Ayo, who needed a pair to do some works with. Ayo is a very good photographer and was pleasant to work with. After a long discussion we decided to work together. We settled a very lovely picture he took in Bayelsa. (Ayo serves as a Youth Corps member in Bayelsa state).

A look at the picture we agreed on and I fell in love. The picture told me a lot of stories. Of pains, of hardship but also of hard work. I was inspired to write and write I did, putting together a lovely piece for a fantastic picture. True to its masterstroke, the piece (a combo of the picture and the write-up) was picked for the workshop.

We were ecstatic! Our piece, titled ‘BOUNDLESS’ made it through the screening. A screening of thousands of submitted works. It made it to the final 10 shortlisted for the workshop.
We got an email notifying us of the competition and of the need to confirm our entry via email within the next 18hrs. After confirmation we would report for a one-week workshop in Lagos where a ‘finals’ would be done and the winner would probably win some cool cash to produce additional works.
We confirmed our entries within hours of receiving the congratulatory email. While we waited for confirmation we packed our bags, looking forward to a session of fun, knowledge and intense training. We were really joyous. It was our first ‘major’ and we were happy to have made it through.
Then we got the first shocker! The rejection email!
“Dear Sirs;
We regret to inform you that…..”
A devastating email that we would not be able to proceed with the competition because they did not receive our official confirmation on time. We were livid! We showed email receipts confirming sent emails. We called, pleaded and pleaded all to no avail. Alas, the opportunity was lost! A one-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Lost!
What happened? How it happened? Well…. It is still shrouded in mystery. Lots of excuses and defensive explanations. Someone somewhere forgot to do his job the right way. We were devastated. Very devastated!
Now it is gone. The hurt? The pain? Subsided. The scars? Well… Still Fresh!
Yet the picture screams out loud! Begging to be shown. Shown to the world!

Have fun as you enjoy BOUNDLESS! The resulting efforts of two young people who looked forward to making the world a better place.

BOUNDLESS! The poem that was not!




  1. Hey Bard,
    I admire the poem’s defiant tone and the persona’s resolve to succeed irrespective of the odds.
    The pic is another graphic message. Keep writing.

  2. my nice poem,but never give up.some people grow by their strength and rating while some grow by the judges comments and prizes in a competition. You are of the former, by your strength you shall rise

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