A dozen love songs play in my head as I bask in the completeness of your beauty.

But none of them could effectively describe the words I’d wish to use.

Asa m, simply put;

You complete me!

Even the flowers pan as your shadows fall on them,

To drink from the shades of your shapely structure!

For a beauty the eyes beholds will forever remain imprinted in its memory.

Asa m, let me tell you;

Even ounces of gold dust would stand no chance next to you!

Asa m Petepe!

Obi m!

You who have held my heart captive, never to be released to another.

You who, through your acts, once again resuscitated my laughter!

You who, through your bosom, my seeds would be ‘mothered’.


My one in a million!

Like a bright spark in a complete darkness, you turned me around with your gentle touch.

And made me completely drunk with your love!

Chidera my love!

Today the Heavens will rejoice, for I shall marry you.

Today the drums will sound out, the cymbals will cry out, for I shall be yours.

Not only for now but forever; for even death cannot come between us.

Chidera Ada-Officer, Afurum gi na ya!


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