CLASS 1: Trust

This often over-used word has been described by Encarta as: confidence in and reliance on good qualities of a person, especially fairness, truth, honor or ability. It is the base and often the bane of most relationships because all pointers … Continue reading



Last week on Biafra Headquarters… After the sixth cup of paraga, Ajiri was too drunk to have noticed the liquid mixture Mama Enah brought out from under the table with which she did her mixtures. While he was busy ranting … Continue reading



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By the roadside she sat; Legs thrown wide open to their glistening interior reveal, And chest pushed out To reveal breasts packed in small cups struggling for freedom. With face painted like a circus clown And lips coated in blood … Continue reading

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Golgotha, The place of skull; Where dreams were crushed And reborn intrinsic; Where lives were changed And souls rebirthed. Golgotha, A place of skull; Where a path is laid for all to tread But not for all to follow; Golgotha, … Continue reading