God’s Design!


I was playing the game “Temple Run” on my phone, my Son was sitting about two feet away, coloring on some drawing book he got from church, then he asked:

Mummy, if God knows everything, even the end from the beginning, how can You say God gives us Freedom to do what we want to do.. It is not Freedom if he already knows what we will do…

It sounded profound, like it was from a place of Serious thought- I knew not to mess this one up at all, my First instinct was to say- “We’ll ask Aunty Adus”- (my sister should write a book called “The truth”- for kids, she always answers Children’s questions truthfully in a way they will understand and accept! It’s an amazing gift..)

But it seemed like a now now question so I muttered to myself, “Holy Spirit help me..” And that is when it happened…

I called my Son to me- showed him the game I was playing, I said- some guy designed this game, it has several turns, holes and pits you must avoid… Then I got close to a 2-way turn and paused the game, I asked him- do you know whether I will turn left or right? He said “no”, I said True, even the Game designer doesn’t know too but he does know what will happen if I turn right, he knows what will happen if I turn left, yet I have free will to turn either left or right on my own..

I said- “God is like a Game designer, he designed and made the whole world! And he puts in many turns and decisions, he knows every end from every beginning, but he allows us choose which way we want to turn” only this time, God gave us the game manual, the Bible , in it he advises us on which turns to take but it’s our choice…

“to Listen to him or not..” my Son adds, smiling this time, Cool, he says, keeps quiet for about 3 minutes pondering my “deep” 😉 answer. I, on the other hand, am wondering where that knowledge come from…

When Asipita breaks the Silence..
“Mummy,” I smiled, thinking he was going to say something like “you are the smartest mummy in the whole World”…

“Can I play “temple run” on your phone pleeeeeeease?”


Ized Uanikhehi is an occasional writer who works at Evolve Synergy Limited, Nigeria. She lives in Abuja with her lovely boy – ‘pita. Her works and notes are available on her facebook profile:


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