I long, I wait, I pray…
… I hope;
For that moment of respite.
That hour of liberation….
When my cry of helplessness;
My groans of pain; moans of hunger
My shout for help….

…will come to an end…

It will, I know.
It sure would come to an end.

For last night I had a dream…

… I looked up into the skies; into the horizon;
It was brighter than the morning sun.
I saw poverty enslaved.
Malnourishment imprisoned.
Illiteracy banished.
And life’s true happiness liberated.

Yes! I saw it.
The sun rose again;
In the fullness of its might.
All earth’s inhabitants therein rejoiced.
For a new beginning it was – A new beginning ever hoped for.

The hour of respite ever dreamed of…

Now I cannot wait for dreams to become reality.

Picture courtesy of lypix photography. Wa gbayii!!


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