demoShush! Do not waste your breath;

The Juxtaposition of the rebellious minds shouting out louder than the blood of Abel is only KIV-ed*, not considered; when the flicking flecks of lies are discovered amongst the ruse of ‘pottied’ truth and a lifetime of mendacity, adorned in the bedazzling yet fade-prone cloaks of humanitarianism are discovered in the over-painted achievements of the self-confessed saviors.

Rather than be knights in shining armor and serve as examples molehills are made out of mountains and evidences are quashed in the loony bins of ‘KIV’ by the ‘them’; to their backs protect and their future ambitions ‘un’-endangered. The affected, like snails, withdraw into shells of mediocrity and leave the country at the mercies of the wicked.

But when mediocrity gives way to despair and petulance is birthed; the call for revolution rises from the somber ashes of human despondency. ‘Them’ are unseated from their leisure and enjoyment to seek a satiation bone for the human population to feast on like dogs; recharging them with freshly minted lies, emanating from various counsels of Ahitophel. Once again mundane hopes are ushered in as willing substitutes for a well-needed revolution and ‘whatever-we-get’ is settled for.

But when intelligent yet rebellious minds raise the juxtaposition of their voices to deafening levels push begats shove and the ‘movers and shakers’ are shaken; caught in their own webs of effervescent deception. As a last gasp, the partial hand of the ‘un’-blind Justice is extended to raze the land and witch-hunt for non-necessities, clipping the tongues of truth with a motive of creating another lifetime of lies.

THAT, my friends, is what my nation has become.

Dedicated to Ken Saro Wiwa, Bola Ige, NADECO family, Ogoni 9, Gani Fawehinmi, Wole Soyinka, Femi Falana. Tunde Bakare, and other anti corruption activists and human rights activists dead or alive. 

*KIV – Kept in view.



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