WELCOME HOME (Inspired by ‘Welcome Home by Michael W. Smith)


Farewells are the saddest,

Goodbyes are the hardest,

But now that you are gone,

I am left with no choice, than to

Say the one statement I forever long to avoid.


On my knees I go,

Unable to stop the tears that splatter from my eyes

And the pains in my heart

As life slips from your cancer ravaged body,

Leaving you cold in my arms;

Relieving you of the illness

That plagued you

And caused you so much hurt and pain.


Happy am I for your relief,

Disheartened am I for your exit,

For a part of me has left with you.

Your laughter will I miss,

Your prayers will I pine for once again, to

Wake me to the yawns of dawn.

Your hugs will I now feel only in my dreams.


My heart is heavy,

My soul is distressed,

But joy do I take in the knowledge

That when the morn is come

I shall once again

Be reconciled with you,

In the arms of the Almighty;

Where neither cancer nor its vices

Will hold us apart.


As I, through my tears, whisper ‘Farewell’,

I can hear sounds as heavens open

And the angels gather round to usher you in with a

Lovely and thundering echo, saying;

‘This is where you belong – Welcome Home’


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