The bottle rattled as it fell to the ground,

The pains are beginning to settle in,

I struggle to hold on to the pen,

And also to keep my eyes open,

I smiled back as gloom drew me close….



A town owned by the Break-up generation,

Where the sun shines not;

And the winds whistle not;

Where the birds whine and never chirp;

Is where I live.


Loneliness Estate,

A boulevard filled with dreariness,

Where next-door neighbors are individuals called

Despair and dejection.

And Self Pity owns The Revulsion bar,

Is where I reside.



My best friend and

Owner of the wretchedness farm,

Keeps me company,

And invites me every evening to dine

With the high and mighty of heart-break town.


I never was a citizen of heartbreak.

Till I found deception, my wife, in bed with sugarcoat,

And I got shot

By Pains,

Who I always knew as

A distant relation to be avoided.


Wallowing in my distress,

I packed my baggage of sorrow and despondency,

Took a taxi to Heartbreak,

And walked up and down the street of numbness,

Till loneliness found me and

Invited me to live in his estate.


Gloom, a dancer at revulsion bar;

Who, rather so shabbily dressed,

Still appealed to me as a partner

As well as a bedmate;

Promised to be there for me

Whenever I need her.

She never lied.


Now I live my unhappy life,

In the confines of loneliness,

Working my head off at angst cafe,

Drowning my sorrows in the alcoholic Self-Blame liquor.

Having constant intercourse with gloom,

Who I see as a perfect woman for me.


The best way to propose to gloom became elusive

Until the answer came one day in a statement,

Made by someone outside my window:

“Guess who just came to town!”

I ran to the door in time to see the ‘who’ ride past my apartment

on a pale horse




It is almost over now,

My mind is going numb.

The poison is taking effect,

Gloom, my lovely wife, is pulling me into her embrace

Everything is growing so dark…

I…. I…



…… The end.


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