LETTER TO A FRIEND (what are friends for… if not to dig each other’s grave)

Dear Friend,

                           Please do not fall
for the burden of
carrying you will be mine
you know how heavy you are,
your weight and mine
will be my waterloo.
Please do not starve.
For who else will feed you if not I?
Such luxury I cannot afford now.
You know you are an Epicure,
not you alone, your family too.
Shylock that I am,
where will I get gari to feed you,
your family and mine?
So dear friend, do not starve.
Do not die friend
please try not to die
such onerous task not easily accomplished
have I placed on you
but please for my sake try not to die.
If you do the burden of burying you will be mine
and pray dear friend
where will I get the hoe to dig the hard ground,
the woods to make your coffin,
money to pay the expenses of an owambe?
Your litter are there, who will feed them?
Who will take care of them dear friend?
Your wife of course I can care for
her luscious bosom even while you strut planet earth
beckons to me, proving a comfortable headrest
on which to mourn you after your demise.
But  your children, those spindle legged rats I cannot.
Your house will I sell just to care for your darling wife.
I hope you doubt not my sincerity sweet friend.
I remain yours Sincerely,
Your friend


Poem has been left in the original format of the writer. As a means of improvement for her kindly leave your response on the page.


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