Now I am not writing this because I want anyone to respond or to say ‘Yes brov! You are right!” I am not writing this because I want to feel the ink of my pen on a paper. I am writing this because of the grievance I have for pastors these days – the ones who have dragged the name of God in the mud and made people lose faith in the real pastors out there.

Take a moment to ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does your church have a tertiary institution?
  2. If yes, how much does it cost?
  3. Did you graduate from the institution?

If given the chance to go back in time I, as well as a lot of other people I know, would gladly desist from contributing to building these schools. Why; you’d ask me. Because I fail to see how it has affected the lives of people who donated to have the school or institution built.

About ten years ago when my church started to build its own tertiary institution, (we started late for a lot of reasons), our parents were levied a certain amount, how many people remember that. Some well-to-do church members did not find it hard to pay these levies but some had to pay through their nose. But they kept at it because they believed that there are a lot of blessings to be gained from working for God. Eventually the institution was built. Lo and behold the members who suffered at one time or the other to ‘make God’s work possible’ could not even afford to get their children into the school. Why? Stupidly exorbitant school fees!

People who helped set up the schools were left out; Forgotten! Abi who would go ahead and pay #450k for a session in a private school when he or she does not even have #450k to spend on his family for the whole year?

A colleague of mine, who wanted to have the ‘best’ education for his daughter, decided to start her at a ‘mission’ primary school some months back but he got the shocker of his life when he was told how much he’d have to pay.

To be honest with you; with the exception of a very few, I do not see the difference between our pastors and the corrupt politicians up there. A lot of pastors prefer to sit on megabucks and eat their fill to busting while they watch their members suffer.

When Lagos state asked churches to begin paying tax, you think Fashola was stupid? If you do well, I don’t! Some people say that currently, the fastest way to becoming rich in recent times, (barring Yahoo-yahoo), is being a pastor. Not a jegbe-jegbe pastor o! But a correct pastor that can do fine boy and speak ‘skelebosh’ tongues. 

I hear some pastors now own private jets because the traffic may not allow them get to their locations on time. CHoi! Private Jets! I wonder why the next option will be a private jet when a church member does not even have #1k to feed his family for the day. Or would they say they do not know of the suffering members? I hear one pastor is even planning to buy a third one now while another is planning to launch his first. Funny eh!

Whatever happened to “Whatsoever you do to the least of your brothers that you do onto me”? Whatever happened to being your brother’s keeper? Where is the love the bible preached about? Where is the care the bible requested us to bestow on our neighbors?  You might say “Well how many people can they help?” With the encouragement of self-made businesses and self employment these days #1million will set up 10 women at Oja Oba in Ibadan and they will live to thank God through such people.

I wonder how many people’s bloods are currently on their pastors because the pastors failed in doing the ‘right’ thing. I know the choice of ‘theft’ lies with the accused but do not forget that it could also lie with the pastor who failed to do the right thing. And at times the right thing is not just preaching to the person – the right thing might have been helping to set him up, whether directly as a person or through the church, in a business with just 20,000 or even as low as 10,000. How many of the pastors have encouraged education in rural areas? I know of a Pastor and his church memebrs in Ibadan (God bless them all) who would not, on yearly basis’ miss out on going to rural areas to bless them with a lot of things ranging from Food, to education and other things.

Now I am not saying it’s a crime for a pastor to be rich. No! I am not saying that. I am only trying to understand how far they have gone in putting their neighbors ahead of them – thereby fulfilling the instructions of God that requested them to ‘Feed the sheep’. The sheep is not only meant to be fed with God’s word alone; abi how would a person who had not eaten be able to listen to a sermon about salvation? How?

How many pastors today, if asked, would agree to sell of all their properties and live the life of a hermit in obedience of God’s instructions? Walahi! A lot of them will begin to look for excuses.

I know of about three friends now who are interested in becoming pastors not because it is their call, but because they now see it as an avenue to generate funds and ‘secure their future’. I just pray they would realize the silliness of their venture and go the right way.

As for us who are christians but not pastors, we are not left out of the instruction to ‘be our brother’s keeper. If you never did it or have stopped doing it, you had better start before something as little as helping a fellow man, despite your following every other commandment, stops yuo from getting into heaven. Or did Paul not say it that “If I fulfil all commandments and fail to love…….?)

(The above is not targeted at anyone but aimed at expressing the writer’s view of the current happenings around him))



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