Readers, I sure would be a wicked soul if I fail to post this. This is very touching. If you have a word or two for the bereaved do kindly drop a note or reply to the post.


                My home,




Dear God,

In heaven,

I have cried for long.

I have wept my soul out.

I have called out to you for help,

As I seek for a miracle to happen,

To my tears wipe and my soul comfort

But it seemed to me like all were in vain.

I have held on for so long,

Waiting for a miracle to happen;

I have held on for so long

Waiting for a silver lining in the dark clouds;

I have held on for so long that my grip hurt me.

But the pains never mattered.

Only the possibility that the impossible could happen was all that mattered.

Day after day I wept,

Night after night I wailed,

As the pains racked her body,

She looked up to me for comfort.

I could only watch in tears

As her soul bows gradually to the heartless disease ravaging her body.;

I wish tables had turned,

And fate had decided

For odds to be in her favor,

For her to be spared.

I wish providence had decided otherwise,

To take me instead of my angel;

 And spare her the pains that currently lay siege on her body.

She was only a baby,

She was only a girl – my lovely girl.

Beautiful to behold,

She was every parent’s dream.

She was an angel. So loving, so wonderful,

She was so full of energy until that day at the playground.

I would have given anything

For it to be ‘Just a bruise’;

But Lord I never bargained for what I got.


It was just too much for me.

Her mother left me the same way Lord. Lydia did.

Lord she never deserved it.

Nancy never deserved the pain she got.

She never deserved losing her beautiful hair.

She never deserved losing her smile.

She never deserved those tears in her eyes.

She never deserved to look gaunt.

She never deserved any disease, any illness.

She never deserved anything bad but to remain the angel she was.

Lord, she was taken from me.

Tonight Nancy was taken from me.

Tonight she lost the battle.

The chemotherapy never worked.

The transplant was a failure.

Lord, Nancy is dead. She is dead.

She fought for 19months, 7 seven days and 15hours,

She fought, tooth and nail.

Yet she was taken from me.

She was taken despite all.

I know I have failed.

I have failed Lydia.

I failed on the promise I made her on her death bed,

That I shall take care of Nancy,

And never let her come to any hurt.

I have failed Lydia Lord.

I have failed Nancy’s mother.

Lydia was taken from me.

Now Nancy has been taken too.

Lord why did you choose two angels over me?

Why did you not take me instead?

Now my life is in shambles.

The pearls of my hearts have dimmed.

The sun has gone to bed in my life.

See Lord, she’s being wheeled off.

She being taken away to be refrigerated,

She’s being taken away from me.

To be kept away from the living.


I doubt if I will survive this.

I doubt if I will live a day more.

Ahh!! (Sic!) This pain is too much.

What is left of my life now?

Tell me Lord, what is left?

This is just simply too much.

If it is true that a place exists,

Where people meet again,

Then I ask for only one thing from you.

Not riches, not wealth, not gold,

Not even long life.

Only that Lydia, Nancy and I are reunited again,

To share in continuity, that which we had on this earth

I feel it deep in my heart,

That this letter will reach you,

     Somehow, Someplace;

And one day – some day,

My prayers will be answered,

And you will answer me.

I only wish your answer will come earlier, even now, that I might appreciate your assistance.

Yours in mourning,

The Bereaved.

By WORDSMITH Posted in Poems

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