My name is hope;

I live only in the hearts

Of those who keep faith,

The ones who believe there is a reason to live,

And see a better tomorrow.

I sustain the spirits,

The spirits of those who keep vigil,

And look forward to seeing light at the tunnel’s end.

My name is hope;

I lighten only the souls

Of those who shrug off the effects

Of despondency and cloak their souls with gladness.

The ones who break barriers

And are not limited by conditions;

But are spurred on,

By the desire, the longing for a better tomorrow.

My name is hope

I am embedded deeply

In the beliefs of the ones who

See beyond the bleakness of today’s situation,

Believing that when the mist clears,

Sunshine will erupt

Bringing to light the forces,

Forces that will obliterate all appearances of darkness.

My name is hope, and

I will like to make your acquaintance.

By WORDSMITH Posted in Poems

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